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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Avatars and Grid 2.0

Avatars and Grid 2.0: "In Wikipedia, which is my favorite Web 2.0 site, there is a very healthy entry on MMORPG, which includes this blurb: 'Peer-to-peer MMORPGs could theoretically work cheaply and efficiently in regulating server load, but practical issues such as asymmetrical network bandwidth and CPU-hungry rendering engines make them a difficult proposition.'

Who knows who added the piece about peer-to-peer (P2P) to Wikipedia -- perhaps one of our GRIDtoday readers -- but the fact is that P2P computing methodology is already at the heart of many online games today, and the advances in Grid computing and communications are aimed right at the issues of asymmetry and CPU- hungry applications. The folks in the financial services industry who do risk analysis are very keen on Monte Carlo simulations using the Black-Scholes (sic Shoals, see below) algorithm. They have similar problems with asymmetry and CPU- hungry applications, and while their application is clearly more important than MMORPG, the number of individuals who actually use the application is severely constrained."


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