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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Web 2.0 kicks off in 2006

Napa Valley Register Online | LocalBusiness: "Web 2.0 could also be called the Great Awakening, in which what was promised -- or threatened --so long ago becomes real. You can get anything you want from the Web. The hegemony of software, applications and perhaps even operating systems -- Bill Gates shudders to think -- will finally begin to fall by the wayside.

It's ironic. Sun Microsystems, whose slogan was 'We put the dot in dot-com' and which more realistically amounted to 'We put the dot in the dot-com bust,' will finally gain a measure of vindication. Sun may no longer be the major player who cuts Microsoft down to size, but its Java programming language will still have a role in bringing Web apps to the people.

PCs will remain strong under Web 2.0, but Moore's Law, the notion that microprocessors will double in power every 24 months, will finally fade, not because it's not doable but because it's no longer necessary. We've got the power, now we just need efficiency, throughput and bandwidth. We want gigabit Ethernet and a clear strong signal."


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