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Friday, October 14, 2005

Flickr Deploys every 30 minutes

All 3 entries tagged Flickr, Secret Plans and Clever Tricks: "So, it's true, they really do deploy (up to) every half an hour. Pretty cool; In answer to the two questions from the previous entry:

* Why do they do it?

Because they can. Because, for them at least, 'Release early, Release often' doesn't become any less effective, for any value of often. The smaller and quicker the releases, the less chance of regression, the faster features get to users, and the sooner feedback comes back to the team. Basically, they release pretty much every feature and bug-fix as soon as it's complete – they don't really bother with 'batching' releases like we do.

* How do they do it?

There are a number of tricks:..."


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